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  • DS616--Φ6

DS616--Φ6 인치 정밀 다이싱 소우

DS616--Precision Dicing Saw

Φ6" Classical model

Upgraded Configuration, Diversified Options

제품 매개 변수

DS616--Precision Dicing Saw

Φ6" Classical model

Upgraded Configuration, Diversified Options

DS616 Type Precision Dicing Saw is equipped with the imported 1.5kw high rotation speed spindle; with axis DD motor for drive, improved rotating angle accuracy, improved rotating angle resolution, and worktable flatness; the power distribution system is upgraded, and multiple functions can be selectively equipped based on the customer requirements.


Standardly equipped with the image identification and automatic alignment function

Selectively equipped with the non-contact sensor (NCS) function

Selectively equipped with the blade broken detect (BBD) function

Selectively equipped with the kerf check function

Customized module available base on the customer requirements

Improved automation degree

Application Fields

Diode, audion, MEMS, IC, LED, NTC, photovoltaic, medical equipment, scintillation crystal, optics

Materials Suitable for the Precision Cutting

Silicon wafer, gallium arsenide, lithium niobate, aluminum oxide, ceramic, glass, quartz, sapphire, crystal, PCB board

Automatic Image Alignment Function

The image mode identification technology is adopted, and the data will be calibrated through the pre-registered position; first find out the mark labeled on the material to be processed, then align the target and adjust the angle, and finally calculate the position of the cutting path.

Technical Parameters of DS616

Configuration and performanceWorkpiece sizeφ160mm /φ150mm
Cutting groove depth≤4mm or customized
Chuck flatness±0.005mm/150mm
Alignment system70x straight light + ring light (210x optional)
SpindleRevolution speed range10000~50000rpm
Output power1.5kW
X axisDrive modeServo motor
cutting range240mm
index resolution0.001mm
Speed setting range0.1~400mm/s
Y axisDrive modeStep motor + grating closed-loop control system
cutting range170mm
index resolution0.0005mm
stroke positioning accuracy≤0.003mm/5mm
Whole-stroke positioning accuracy≤0.005mm/170mm
Z axisDrive modeStep motor
index resolution0.001mm
Repeating accuracy0.001mm
θ axisDrive modeDD motor
Rotating angle range380°
Rotating angle resolution0.0002°
Basic specificationPower supplySingle phase, AC 220V±10%, 3.0kVA
Power consumptionDuring processing, 0.6kw (reference value)
During warming up, 0.4kw (reference value)
Compressed airPressure: 0.5~0.6MPa; maximum consumption: 200L/min
Cutting waterPressure: 0.2~0.3MPa; maximum consumption: 3.0L/min
Cooling waterPressure: 0.2~0.3MPa; maximum consumption: 1.5L/min
Exhaust air rate1.5m3/min (ANR)
Machine dimensions W×D×H665mm×850mm×1650 mm

Usage Conditions

1. Please set the machine in the environment of 20℃~25℃ (The fluctuation range should be kept within ±1℃); the indoor humidity should be 40%~60%, keeping constant, without condensation.

2. Please use the clean compressed air with the atmospheric pressure dew point below -15℃, 0.1ppm residual oil, and filtration rating above 0.01μm/99.5.

3. Please keep the temperature of the cutting water 2℃ above the room temperature (The fluctuation range should be within ±1℃), and the temperature of the cooling water should be the same with the room temperature (The fluctuation range should be kept within ±1℃).

4. Please protect the equipment from the heavy impact or any external vibration threat. Moreover, please do not install the equipment near the air blower, ventilation opening, or the equipment generating high temperature or greasy dirt.

5. Please install this equipment in the place with the waterproof floor and with the drainage treatment.

6. Please strictly follow our instruction to operate.

회사의 장점

Technical advantages
Technical advantages

Technical advantages

Self-owned intellectual property control software with complete functions; Advanced precision control technology and quality control system; Domestic leading image recognition technology (positioning, blade mark, edge finding); Dicing machine proprietary technology deep research (NCS, BBD); Rich application process research and accumulation.

Cost advantage
Cost advantage

Cost advantage

Large shipments ensure that our company has great advantages in procurement costs; Every year, the company invests a lot of manpower and resources in R&D and innovation in the field of dicing machines, and has obtained many patents.

Delivery advantage
Delivery advantage

Delivery advantage

The company has production capacity of more than 50 units per month, stocking in advance, shortening the delivery period to strive for business opportunities for customers; High consistency of equipments, strict control and capacity guarantee

Service advantages
Service advantages

Service advantages

The company has 4 product sales and service centers in Chengdu, Suzhou, Dongguan and Xiamen, providing technical support to customers in real time, covering most of the country. Provide timely and accurate answers within 12 hours when receiving after-sales service requirements from customers, and arrive at the customer's site within 48 hours when necessary...