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  • M82 자동 웨이퍼 마운팅

M82 자동 웨이퍼 마운팅

This equipment is the film mounting equipment operated by means of manual material loading and unloading, automatic film stretching, automatic film mounting, automatic film pressing and manual cutting. The equipment is suitable for attaching protective film before cutting.

제품 매개 변수

This equipment is the film mounting equipment operated by means of manual material loading and unloading, automatic film stretching, automatic film mounting, automatic film pressing and manual cutting. The equipment is suitable for attaching protective film before cutting.

Product Characteristics

•The film mounting force is generated from the separate guide pillar cylinder thrust; the acting force is stable and uniform, and the parameterized adjustment is available for the film mounting pressure

•Vacuum adsorption table with the anti-static and Teflon treatment, and controllable temperature from the indoor temperature to 100℃

•The wafer placement table adopts the floating design, with adjustable flatness and adjustable height, so that it is compatible for the wafer with the wider range of thickness, and the floating design can protect the wafer better

•The wafer positioning adopts the marked line positioning mode

•The release layer automatically winds for withdrawal, and the withdrawal force is adjustable; the disassembly for the release layer is convenient and easy

•No tool is required for the locking in front of the film material and the film releasing tube

•Touch operation panel, with visualized and compact interface

•The nitrogen spring spreader is adopted, which is more labor-saving for the operation

•The guide rail location pin structure is adopted for the alternations between 6 " and 8 ", and the operation is convenient and easy

•The automatic film adsorption and film stretching speed is uniform, stable and reliable

•The imported well-known brands are adopted for all the main components


Wafer yield: ≥99.9%

Film mounting quality: No bubbles (excluding the fragmentized granulated bubbles)

Capacity: ≥90 pieces per hour

Equipment specifications

Dicing ring size6 ", 8 "  (extensible to 10 ")
Wafer specificationCompatible for 4 ", 5 ", 6 ", 8 " wafers
Wafer thickness150um- 800um
Film categoryBlue film or UV film
Width≤300mmExternal diameter of the film material≤≤250mm
Thickness 0.05mm-0.2mm
PowerLess than 600W
Air supply0.5MPa clean and dry compressed air
Net weight105kg

회사의 장점

Technical advantages
Technical advantages

Technical advantages

Self-owned intellectual property control software with complete functions; Advanced precision control technology and quality control system; Domestic leading image recognition technology (positioning, blade mark, edge finding); Dicing machine proprietary technology deep research (NCS, BBD); Rich application process research and accumulation.

Cost advantage
Cost advantage

Cost advantage

Large shipments ensure that our company has great advantages in procurement costs; Every year, the company invests a lot of manpower and resources in R&D and innovation in the field of dicing machines, and has obtained many patents.

Delivery advantage
Delivery advantage

Delivery advantage

The company has production capacity of more than 50 units per month, stocking in advance, shortening the delivery period to strive for business opportunities for customers; High consistency of equipments, strict control and capacity guarantee

Service advantages
Service advantages

Service advantages

The company has 4 product sales and service centers in Chengdu, Suzhou, Dongguan and Xiamen, providing technical support to customers in real time, covering most of the country. Provide timely and accurate answers within 12 hours when receiving after-sales service requirements from customers, and arrive at the customer's site within 48 hours when necessary...